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Reduced Organ Toxicity

Posted on: May 14th, 2014 by Jeffarteaga

The use of antimicrobial drugs can have many unintended side-effects. Long-term use can lead to an accumulation of harmful byproducts from its metabolism in tissues or organs. This accumulation of toxic chemicals can lead to organ damage, and in extreme cases, even organ failure and death. The liver and kidneys are common organs affected by chemical toxicity.

Our compounded creams and gels have minimal contact with the bloodstream and can be more easily metabolized through the body’s natural filtration systems… the kidneys and liver. Even with repeated use, the lowest doses of chemical byproducts should have little to no effect on the internal organs. In the event a reaction does occur, a quick alternation in the personalized formula can alleviate any potential long-term affects.

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