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Our Mission

Posted on: May 12th, 2014 by Jeffarteaga

As a recognized leader in retail and compounding pharmacy, we have over 45 years combined experience, our pharmacists have helped thousands of patients receive the finest healthcare opportunities available. By following the triad relationship of patient, doctor, and pharmacist, we offer each customer individual attention, superior service, and a personalized medicine for the best patient care.


Quality Control & Assurances

Our specialists recognize the importance of adherence to nationally-accepted standards. At Executive Pharmacy, all prescriptions are compounded in compliance with established policies, procedures, and industry standards, as regulated by the Florida Board of Pharmacy, FDA, OSHA, and USP.

We comply with USP Chapter 795 (Pharmaceutical Compounding-Non-Sterile Preparations) which establishes practice standards and outlines the responsibility of the compounder, selection and appropriate sources of ingredients, quality control, and considerations regarding the stability of compounded preparations. In addition, two additional USP informational chapters are applicable:

USP Chapter 1075 – Good Compounding Practices

USP Chapter 1160-Pharmaceutical Calculations in Prescription Compounding.

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